Friday, 24 February 2017

Salute Twetyseventeen- the Countdown begins

Yes I know that it is only February 24th but the Salute 2017 countdown has already begun. It is no as long as you think until April 22nd
We will be on stand TB12 and as usual we will be taking as much gear as we can legally stuff into our van.
However such are the breadth of our ranges that we can't possibly take them all to any show
We WILL be taking the following
Blue Moon 15mm- everything we have the lot, all the packs that are in the UK will in our van
Command Decision 15mm WW2 and Modern- again all we have.
Sash and Saber 25/8 mm - the American Civil War range- now over 50 packs- all we have.
Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW - all we have , Hopefully including the upcoming Union infantry in Greatcoats.
Drabant 28mm - all we have. 
Grandscale 10mm - All gunpowder ranges from ECW to Colonial.
Old Glory 25mm
A selection of ranges From the Norman Conquest to the Colonial Era including Pike and Shot Wars of the Roses, Medieval and any others we can fir in.
Space is limited however so some large ranges won't be coming

Pre- Orders
Pre-orders are welcome the deadline for pre-orders will be March 31st 2017 as that is the last day for getting orders in to the factory in the USA.
After that any pre-orders will come from stock already in the UK so please check with me
You can even order stuff that we don't normally carry as stock . 
If the item is on the US website 
then - given enough time we should be able to order it for you.
But the deadline for such orders is MARCH 31ST 2017 
YES the "6for5" deal will be in operation.
Any Special orders- I.E. those items we don't normally have on the website should be paid for in advance
"Ordinary" pre-orders I.E. those items from ranges that are on the OGUK website can be paid for on the day or in advance as you prefer.
More info as I have it.
A copy of this piece is also on the Old Glory Newsdesk on the OGUK website .

See you all at Ex-cel on April 22nd

Contact me either using the contact form on the site or better email me on 

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