Sunday, 27 May 2018

Tradition magazine

Tradition Magazine ran for about 10 years from 1964-74 and in that time published a total of 76 issues. I know this as I have a full bound set. It was advertised as the International Society of Military Collectors and for its time was very expensive at 15 shillings - 75p an issue- when Mil -Mod was 15p . It gave a lot of military artists/historians their start- such as Embleton and Fosten as well as publishing articles by the foremost writers of the day such as Young and JBR Nicholson . Also artists include JOB and Jack Ghirbal whose Napoleonic plates are superb It is absolutely stuffed with Uniform details and military history and later writers have frequently used it as a source. . There are even wargaming articles in it - most notably and early version of Grent's - The War Game.
 It has come to my notice that Tradition of London are selling off copies at a HUGE price of £16.00 an issue now I have some extras to sell but would not dream of asking that price- no I think about half that  is a fair price for such quality  with those I have without plates going for half again and a few where some of the plates are missing  counting with those that have none
 Prices for multiple purchases are negotiable any shipping will be charged at cost .
The complete list of those 88 spare magazines I have is below.

Tradition magazine spares list There are multiples of a few issues as noted
Complete magazines including all colour plates
 10 11 22 25 27 32 33 34x2 35x2 37 38x2 39 40 41x2 42 46 47 48 49 51 52 53 54x2 55x2 58 59 61x2 62x3 63x2 65x2 66 67 68x3 73 75x3

Issues that only have some plates enclosed
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Issues without plates- not that early issues did not include 44 x2 48 49 51 58  66 67 such
 1 x2 2x2 3 4 5x2 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14  26 29 32  33 36 40

A total of 88 magazines

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Could this be the start of something big?

With the success- at least in our eyes of the first "Shinyloo" game I wondered idly where to go from there. Obviously the next game will be bigger longer and shinier as I get more figures painted. Some of that is already done with more British Infantry added and a few more French too.
But then I thought how about something else in the same style. ?
Voltigeurs of a French Legere unit. Old Glory  figures
The same in Skirmish order. 

 As perspicacious readers will be aware Old Glory do a HUGE range of 25.28mm Napoleonics- actually pretty close in size to 30mm  at least as far as the infantry are concerned.Now with around 5000 different packs of figures it is hard to recall them all so I needed to have a look at what was actually available in the Old Glory range. This re-kindled my long dormant interest in the 1809 campaign in Austria. You know Aspern, Essling and Wagram . Now refighting those battles as a whole is out of the question - at least for me. They are too large and impersonal but as a hook to hang some games on and a generator for scenarios ? Well that is another story.

Old Glory French Infantry in Greatcoats- Painted as Chasseurs of a Legere unit 
Officer in a surtout.

 So here are the first small fruits of this idea. I wonder where it will go ? 

Old Glry French A.D.C. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Day -glo Dog of many pieces>>

I've had the latest Miniature Wargames magazine for almost a week now  but it has taken me quite some time to get over the shock.
Let me explain
 Taped to the front cover was a FREE GIFT apparently  WORTH £17.00 WOW!!  in Day- Glo visi -vest orange no less enough to  spike the eyeballs at 20 yards.
 What I hear you ask was this colourful wonder. Who was giving away the £17.00.
Needless to say the hyperbole did not in any shape of form match the actuality .
 What was actually on the cover was some kind of plastic thingy for yet another of those seemingly endless skirmish -a -likes. Thos one called Wild West Exodus. Which I've only previously noticed due to the loud screaming childishness of it magazine adverts- more  overpriced crap for the kiddies  thought I moving swiftly on.
Some of my 28mm Old Glory Jacobite Highlander- The Stewarts of Appin
 So here we have a collection of plastic bits which supposedly make up into "gun-dog" - that is neither pointer ,setter or Labrador and indeed is not a dog at all but some kind of model robotic quadruped in about 20 bits- the sprue has 31 parts but there seems to be some alternative builds to judge by the 3 pages of the mag devoted to the assembly and painting of this"little gem" . £17.00 - bugger off perhaps 17p maybe even a quid at the price of some of this fantasy plastikrap but do not pull my plonker I did not fall out of the idiot tree yesterday ....
Jacobite High Command.
The Royal Eccossois

However once past this screaming dross and its other assorted infomercials(an exclusive interview(who cares) and and exclusive new scenario {bore-o-meter already on 11})we don't actually have a bad magazine. Of actual articles there are several including Jon Sutherland refighting Agincourt, Alex Webster on the Jacobite rising of 1745 (always interesting to me)  and Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston on the Boers battles against the Zulu. Add to that Robert Piepenbrinks WW2
article- Ardennes both 1940 and more famously 1944 and Diane Sutherland on using railways on the table and there is actually reading matter here for people who don't normally use their fingers for the long words. The usual review colums are as always useful and only my constant request to drop the pointless club guide in the internet age needs to be repeated yet again to complete  a review of a magazine which should not under any circumstances be judged by its cover.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Carronade this coming Saturday.

 This coming Saturday May 12 will see OGUK at Carronade . This is a splendid club show in Falkirk- Scotland that is ! At its usual venue of the
28mm Ottoman Turks 
More Turks- Spahi or Suvallieri.

 We will be taking all of our usual show stock in 10mm 15mm 18mm and 28mm  including ranges from
 Old Glory
 Blue Moon
Sash and Saber 28mm ACW
 Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW
and Drabant.
 as always the"6 for5" deal will be in operation and although it is a bit late you can still get a pre-order in if you are quick
28mm Wars of Religion.

Add caption
Add caption
 Deadline will be 3.00 pm tomorrow afternoon as after that the van will be getting loade up for a very early start on Saturday morning
18mm Colonials from the HUGE Blue Moon range.
10mm Napoleonic.
18mm Napoleonic- Blue Moon''s Huge range - of course you might prefer to call them 15mm 
Drabant 28mm Dark Ages 
Old Glory Second Edition AWI regiment packs
Old Glory 25/8 mm Colonials 
Another shot of the Wars of Religion range, 
28mm Medieval- these are Wars of the Roses but there will be Hundred Years War too.
 Command Decision. 15mm WW2
1/600th Pre-dreadnaught naval
Raven Banner 28mm ACW

 The photos show ranges we will definitely have at the show. Of course there will be loads of other ranges too.  Including every pack of Blue Moon  15/18mm we have and every pack of 15mm Command Decision WW2 and Moderns as well. After all we will be bringing a ton of little  metal men and equipment.  to the show.
 See you in Scotland
 Andy OGUK

Monday, 7 May 2018

The Importance of Being Shiny

One of the things I have re discovered whilst engaged in my "Shinyloo" project is how much nicer certain figures look in a shiny gloss varnish. The colours stand out and the contrasts are sharper.  Now I do not think shinyness is a universal constant but more a fashion choice. Like choosing Yves Saint Laurent over Chanel or Janet Raeger over Rigby and Peller. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.and in each case the choice it usually an individual one.

Shiny AWI - all 30mm Stadden figures
More shiny AWWI- again Stadden.

 For instance  my WW1, WW2 and Modern collections are all matt varnished . Indeed overall- although I like the shiny dudes by far the majority of my collections are matt finish.

This lot of 15mm irregualrs simply would not look right all shiny 

and you can't be shiny whilst carrying on up the Khyber. 

 As a general- and oft- broken rule  it is older figures that look better shiny I think  but equally period comes into it too. I can't imagine my NW frontier blokes being shiny.

Yet I could not conceive of these  shiny dudes being matt.. 

Yet having laid down that "rule" my ECW collections break it have both shiny and matt armies for that period.
 None of my 40mm collections are shiny so possibly it is a retro thing .
 Ah well  Not to worry after all shiny is as shiny does- except when it doesn't//////

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Retro Rules- Rule -well sometimes.

 Saturday 28th April saw a gathering of four of our meebership at our usual venue and watering hole for the April Game.
 Andrew the Tekkie was in the chair and opted for a WW2 game in 15mm using the 1970s rule set Operation Warboard by Gavin Lyall.
 A full battle report can be read on Andrew's Blog

So I will confine myself to  a few observations on what was a rather good game with significantly more than lip service paid to the history involved than is usual in more  recently published "games" .
 For a first game using this system the whole thing flowed exceedingly well. Leaving the mechanics in the hands of the Umpire is- for us- always the way to go. The Umpire IS the rule book - and -being human- can  throw we players curve balls at his leasure and, when all works well,  elevate the whole affair to something more than a mere dice rolling exercise.
  So we actors upon his stage must simply don our motley and play our parts. Therein lies the "fun" but in order to play our parts we have to have some glimmering of knowledge  outside of the pages of the rule book otherwise what the hell is the point. I might as well play snakes and ladders.
An Me 110 gives some poor British transport a proper Strafing 

Which brings me to  the latest issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy- this issues there- Raiding during the ACW is well handled and indeed the whole magazine has plenty of reading in it though I do find some of the attitudes expressed really rather narrow minded. This narrow mindedness is most ably expressed in The Irregular" column by one Ian Beal. Entitled "Don't be a Bore It's just a game" it is yet another paen of praise for the supremacy of the game designer over other mortals. Another sharp telling off to anyone who actually does his own research and dares to come to his own conclusions.  That may not be what Mr Beal intended  but by Gum that is how it reads. Such narrowness is equally as annoying as Mr Beals chosen  Betes Noir "wargames bores who have once  read an Osprey" . Now I am not witout sympathy here but surely informed discussion and debate is part of what we do?. At a show- where you are on public display  (and therefore should perhaps expect to get shot at) it is also ill- mannered (though perhaps less so in the confines of "club- night" ). However overriding all this that that now common and  rather childish attitude of " I don't want to use my brain I only want to play a game" which - for me often seems to reduce our hobby to nothing more than dross. This is examplified in Mr Beals piece by his description of one of his WW2 games "The Stuart was the last remaining vehicle running around the table trying to keep out of the way of the big guns". I suspect that by his light all of our group would be classed as "wargame bores"- to which we would object mightily "history bores " though ... perhaps not so much.
 Now don't gety me wrong here if that is the way he enjoys his hobby fine go ahead but  don't assume I or anyone else  has the same narrow game -centric attitude. Don't assume that we cannot read somewhat more than an Osprey in our chosen periods. Don't assume that game designers must be right.
 However having said all that and dished it out a bit I find myself in complete agreement with his penultimate paragraph. This is what we normally do. Give a set of rules a good airing and decide which bit we like and which bits (or even the whole book) go in the bin. But we don't do this for reasons of mere game we look deeper than that. Therein lies the fun.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

When the Overflow Gets To Your Bottom Lip .

On my Farcebook page recently I posted that I was finally putting many of my 40mm figure up for sale as I simply don't use them anymore. The Napoleonic and ACW forces have not rolled a dice in anger for at least 4 years. It may be even longer the Napoleonic have not been out in force sine the Derby show at the University- even if I have added a few models since then with the intention of fighting small action or affairs of about a brigade a size - like Cacabellos  for instance. However in the intervening time my tastes have changed   I'm back into pike and shot in a big way- especially the ECW -with a side order of TYW and Ottoman Turks. My Napoleonic urge has found its home in  "shinyloo"  and I'm afraid I've lost interest in the ACW almost completely. But I want to increase my Indian Muting and other Colonial era forces.
 So in order to create space for more toys that I will actually use (more ECW cavalry for a start- see the post on Winceby Fight) then stuff I don't use will have to be moved on.
 Now I mentioned this on my Facebook page and a couple of chaps said- via messenger- how sad it was that I was selling stuff- well Hey Dude its my Job!  (Though that is not quite what they meant) Also in the next sentence one of 'em then tried to sell ME some of HIS that he no longer required ... Still trying to work that one out ...

 So currently the 40mm ACW and 40mm Napoleonics are up for Sale - though I do have to actually count all the Napoleonics to arrive at a price the numbers are similar to the ACW- though with more mounted figures and including a Spanish Ox drawn gun and limber .  I also have a smaller collection of 40mm Dark Ages- mostly Vikings with some Normans which look more than likely to be added to the mix. All are painted to a pretty high standard and some have appeared in the pages of WI- some years back and more recently MW. The ACW collection includes buildings and fences- 2 of the building being hand built by me. As it says on the Facebook page offers in the region of £1600.00 for

Confederate 93 foot 4 mounted Officers 1 gun 6 crew 6 casualty markers- stiffs  total 110 pieces
 Infantry in 3 units
104  infantry in  sort  of 6 units of which 3 are less than a dozen men each including a 10 fig Drabant unit and 6 Berdan’s sharpshooters . Otherwise all figures in both forces are Sash and Saber.
4 mounted officers 1 gun 6 crew 6 stiffs total 121 pieces

1 clapboard house 1 barn – both scratch built by me and 1 resin cabin  from Sash and Saber and around 5 feet of Sash and Saber fencing.
 All in 40mm .
Interested chaps can contact me via messenger on Facebook or by email on 

 One of the slight downsides of running a toy soldier business is that you do end up with a number of ex-display units and small forces- not really large enough for armies on their own so for instance I have about 30 or so 40mm Zulu War British and Zulus  A fair bundle of 28mm  French in Egypt including some Corps Dromedaire- as well as about 50 assorted Mamelukes and Cairo Janissaries- all well painted and all in 28mm  I also have about 20 or so painted Pirates- never going to use them as the period does not interest me. There are doubtless other odd units here and there. I'm sure I have 3 WW2 Japanese tanks somewhere and a load of 10mm Saracens for the crusades. Oh and a 10mm Swiss pike block  most of these are on here somewhere or on the OGUK website and the likelehood of 'em ever being used is pretty small .
 All these in addition to the "official company collection" which you see in the display case at shows. 
 What is a chap to do ?
Answes on a neatly folded £50.00 note .....